Camilo Latorre is a Colombian born composer based in Vienna. He studied piano pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts and later composition at the Franz Schubert Conservatory and at the Bruckner University in Linz. Camilo´s interest lies in finding relationships between music and other art forms such as to literature and visual arts, thus in particular engaging in the potential of narratives within music. He has worked together with visual artist Fanni Futterknecht on various projects such as the performance An object with a sharp beginning WUK Vienna, the Austria-Sinus FestivalBeijing as well as composing sound for her different video works. 

He has also wrote the music for "Mitsouko & Mitsuko" a piece by Michikazu Matsune for the "Wiener Fest Wochen" and this year 2022 he wrote the music for the theater piece Antigone, by Sophocles, wich was performed it Linz in June. At the moment he is developing his first spoken opera "Zwischen Leben und Wüste", based on an autobiographical  self written script.